1. Federate youth organizations through youth parliament in order to improve upon youth creativity and optimize their potential for action and participation in sustainable development endeavors;
  2. Act as an interface between youths, youth associations, organizations and movements, public authorities, the civil society on the one hand, international institutions operating in Africa and involved in youth affairs on the other ;
  3. Ensure the representation of youth organisations and movements from the local, national and international consultations.


Communication Strategies - This youth - centred advocacy programme is inspired by the conviction that African youth require skills to assist in the implementation of their action plans and in their long-term development as agents of change within their communities. To that end, AYP works with various skills development partners to provide training programmes in areas such as resource mobilisation, advocacy, media, organisational development, and project management.

Who We Are

The African Youth Parliament (AYP) is a continental wide network of young leaders, peace builders, and social activists from 54 African countries working to promote and advocate for youthful solutions to Africa's developmental challenges. 

The parliament aims to give youth activists a platform and an avenue to present ideas, formulate individual and collective action strategies to address issues - from a continental perspective - such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, unemployment, conflict, improvement of equity, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law, sustainable agriculture, democratization and equal access to education at all levels. Additionally, the movement seeks to pass on a message of peace and development of mankind, through all of her endeavours. 

It is our utmost belief that with the commitment and sincerity being exhibited by our members we shall continue to bound, learn, engage and proffer solutions to numerous challenges facing the continent of Africa.


AYP envisions a future where socially and ecologically sustainable community-owned solutions will inspire, empower and contribute in building resilient communities in Africa.