• To facilitate consultation, expression and action among youths in Africa,
  •  Foster the sharing of information and interaction among youths at international levels;
  •  Promote effective youth participation for nation building
  •  Give impetus to and support national and international solidarity by and for youths;
  •  Contribute to the socio-economic integration of young people and the promotion of entrepreneurial, educational, cultural, sporting and civic values for a better Africa;
  •  Contribute to youth representation in all local, national and international meetings thereby promoting the culture of volunteerism, humanitarian actions and sustainable development.
  •  Promote the development of girl and young woman for effective participation in community life;
  •  Contribute to the fight against uncivil behavior, discrimination, social marginalization, social scourges and poverty among youths in Africa;
  •  Mobilize human, material and financial resources internationally for the accomplishment of its missions.