Happy Africa Day

25th May 1963 heralds the founding of the Organization Of Africa Unity (OAU),  over years this organization has championed struggles, agendas and policies bordering on Liberation, peacekeeping, economic growth, political integration and leadership for the continents. 
This organization has her own shortcomings and limitations ranging from imperialist domination, civil strifes, autocratic leadership, economic sabotage and sit tight syndromes. 
However the Union has given to herself a direction which her founding fathers laid out,  fundamentally a new order of socioeconomic redefinition of the African continents remains our yearning. 
This could be achieved in unity, coordination and indepth analysis of our resources both human capital and materials. 
We as Youths and generational leaders must live above our individual interest and refocus our zeal and strength on the collective aspiration of making Africa great again. 
Distinguish members of the African Youth Parliament we dare not rest on our oars until we attain the the rightful repositioning of the African race in the global community. 
I join you in celebrating today as AFRICA DAY and pray that the recreation of the Africa of our Dream is actualized Very Soon... 
Viva Africa! 
Bamikole Oladele Babs 
Speaker, African Youth Parliament