What we Do


Apart from member (state) registration, There exist numerous international funding bodies that finance development projects which align with AYP’s vision. In order to react to increasing local competition, AYP will diversify and increase its income and funding sources by considering both restricted and unrestricted funding. More so, the organisation will deploy more efforts to proposal writing, self-sustained project establishment, information technology tools development and lobbying strategy.

- Political

Acknowledging that centralization of government treasury, policies and operations has led to market failures and poor governance practices, the African Youth Parliament is now decentralizing its processes at country and sub regional level, to promote good governance. For AYP, this means there may be additional resources available at the Country and Sub regional level as well as further opportunities to be more effective in defending beneficiaries’ interests to government authorities. Even though decentralization is progressive, AYP is already working with some countries while lobbying for partnerships with more international bodies and building bilateral relations for coexistence. Political (country elections) in member states may slow down AYP’s activities. However, AYP will keep abreast of debates and adapt to changes in policies. In order to protect the interests of its beneficiaries, AYP is advocating for free and fair elections towards a unified Africa. In recent times, there has been insecurity in the African continent and an influx of refugees in various countries due to the various conflicts in the African continent. Although there is relative peace in some countires, sometimes strikes actions may occur and there is a need to sensitize population on conflict prevention and resolution.

- Socio-Political

It is becoming progressively more difficult to harness competition. As a result, duplication of activities and services are observed throughout the African region which, in turn may harm the youths. This is the main reason that motivates AYP to delimit its areas of intervention and specialize in activities where competitive advantages are observed. The various government (countries) are gradually putting focus in peace building thus providing opportunities for AYP to work with partners in this domain to organize more sensitization and capacity building workshops for sustainable peace and conflict prevention.

- Major Issues

AYP strives to solve the following issues In Africa, rural youth account for 70% of the region youth population. Despite global attention given to addressing the plight of African youth, they are still largely excluded from nation building, leadership and empowerment opportunities. They have limited access to political and leadership programs that are not geared to their situation and needs with class work focused more towards the urban areas than to learning skills useful to rural life, and preparing for adulthood. Rural young women and men have even greater difficulties as they are often not given the same opportunities in development activities. The implications of this observation are multifaceted and commonly expressed in the form of violence - Violent extremism - Juvenile Delinquency - Poor living standards - Illiteracy and ignorance - Human rights violation